Important SEO Tips

We have enlisted various SEO Tips to achieve good search engine rankings and improve your business presence on the internet. SEO Tips and Search Engine Optimization methods to place your site higher in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask Jeeves and other top search engines.

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Effective Methods for GEO targeting

I have seen various webmasters anxious about the GEO targeting of website. Google use various parameters to judge the location of a website. So if you are concerned about GEO targeting, below given things can really help you out:

  1. ccTLD - A country code top-level domain
  2. Country specific location of server
  3. Setting Geo Targeting with the help of Google Webmaster Tools
  4. Submit your website in regional search engines and local directories
  5. Get back links from the local authority websites
  6. Add local address to the landing pages

Definitely all the parameters have their own value but per my experience, I would like to say that a county code top-level domain (ccTLD) is the most essential factor which Google and other search engines use as the primary method to determine the location of your website.

SEO Tips – Get the tips and tricks to boost up your ranking on various search engines by browsing the pages of Important SEO Tips.

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Website Analysis – Analyze with SEMRush - SEO Tips

Website analysis: As we all know Google is having the top search share in internet market. So it is important to target Google for your online marketing campaign. In Google, the success of your campaign depends on the analysis done by you. SEMRush is a good tool to do the analysis of your website. This tool will provide you various information’s about your website. You just need to visit the site & enter your domain name and it will create a report based on various factors.

Report Includes various important information:

  • Top Organic Keywords
  • Top Adwords Keywords
  • Adwords Ads overview
  • Competitors in organic search
  • Competitors in AdWords
  • Potential ad/traffic buyers
  • Potential ad/traffic sellers

SEO Tips – Get the tips and tricks to boost up your ranking on various search engines by browsing the pages of Important SEO Tips.

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Image Optimization - How to Optimize Images – SEO Tips

Image optimization is very important for those who are engaged with search marketing field. But optimizing a webpage is little bit different from optimizing Images. Before starting about image optimization one thing should be aware is the traffic you receive from image search might not convert in sale. Image optimization, work pretty well for some particular business.

It is very important to optimize your images for search engines. We all know about the common aspects like image naming, alt tag etc. Here I have enlisted some additional thoughts about optimizing the images.

  1. Image Naming: Use a descriptive name for your file. You should use your important keyword in name of the image. If you are using a long filename you can use hyphen instead on underscore as a keyword separator. For example if you have any image about diamond stud earrings you can name it as diamond-stud-earring-for-sale.jpg instead of non-sense jewelry12548.jpg or just earring.jpg.

  2. Alt for Images: We all are aware about this tag. We should use a descriptive and appropriate alt text as search engine use this text for reference/information about the image. Additionally your alt tag is displayed on web page when someone opts for not showing images.

  3. Title Attribute: Use a descriptive title text for your image. You must include your keyword in title tag as it is an important point in image optimization.

  4. Surrounding text: The text which is used around the image is very important as it adds the relevancy to the image. So must use relevant and keyword rich text around the image.

  5. Description Attribute: You can use a long Desc attribute to describe the image in detail. It will help to provide information about the content of images.

  6. Heading tags: The heading tag used on the webpage help in getting ranking for the webpage as well as images. So if the image is very important, you can use the relevant heading tag on the page.

  7. Incoming links: Just like web promotion, we should add incoming links for the image. Use your targeted keyword with some variation for back links.

  8. Use the image on relevant page: It helps a lot. You should use the image on the relevant page. For example like above, if your image is about the diamond stud earrings, it is better to use that image on earring page like diamond-stud-earrings.html

  9. Enhanced image search: For optimizing your images in Google, just log in webmaster account and activate the enhance image search feature.

  10. Ranking of web page: Ranking for the parent webpage is very important. If you webpage is ranking well then there are a lot of chances to rank your image. If the pages in which you have used the images are not valuable in search engine’s eye then search engine might not rank the image.

Important Notes:
  • Optimize/reduce the size of images because not all the users use high bandwidth connections. There are lots of chances to visit your images if your images are lightweight.

  • It is good Idea to check your images in search engine index. Ensure that your image is not filtered out from safe search filters of search engine. For example your can use in image search box.

We all know, there is no hard and fast rule in search engine optimization. I have tried to include all the important factors for image optimization, if you think any other important point to add this list feel free to put in comments.

SEO Tips – Get the tips and tricks to boost up your ranking on various search engines by browsing the pages of Important SEO Tips.

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Has Your Site Been Penalized By Google?

If your site is not following the TOS of Google, then it may be filtered and been penalized. There are various problems (internal or external) like duplicate content, hidden text, bad neighborhood, over optimization etc which cause penalty for website. If you remove the errors, the filter will be removed. You can also inform Google by sending reconsideration request.

But the main problem is most of the webmaster might be unaware that their site is under penalty. Below are some basic symptoms which show that the site is being penalized by Google.

  • If you are not ranking #1 for your site name (
  • Site: Operator returns 0 results (
  • Sudden down in traffic (traffic down may be occasional)
  • Huge down in ranking for main keywords of site

SEO Tips – Get the tips and tricks to boost up your ranking on various search engines by browsing the pages of Important SEO Tips.

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Quick sign up and email solution for SEO – SEO Tips

Link building, blogging, market research and other SEO campaigns requires signing up for various services. SEO need to sign up for free online tools, leave comments, bookmark etc.

So if you use your personnel email address, you will receive various junk and unwanted emails which results in wasting of time in cleaning inbox. Another way, which most of SEO use is having another email address for such type of activities. But maintaining separate account also consumes time and efforts. Here I would like to suggest your some tips to quickly signup for services without spam emails.

Already Registered Logins

  • BUGMENOT: People share their temporary login information which they have created for websites which requires account for accessing their services. You can search for the required login info and if not available you can register & share with others.
  • FIREFOX ADDON: (By Bugmenot) This is a cool firefox addon. You can use the available login information by right clicking on username/password field of registration required site.

Temporary Email Services
  • IPOO: You can get any email address end up with “”. There is no need for any registration.
  • TEMPINBOX: You can also use this for creating temporary email address which will end up with “”. Just enter the required username and check the inbox
  • BUGMENOT: also offer temporary email service.

Related Services (Not SEO Related)
  • DEADFAKE: you can send anonymous email and it will look like it was sent by anyone you want.
  • NOSPM.ORG: you can send anonymous emails without any registration.

SEO Tips – Get the tips and tricks to boost up your ranking on various search engines by browsing the pages of Important SEO Tips.

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