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Why Div is better than Table – SEO Tips

I was very keen to know the difference between the table and div as most of the webmaster’s preferred DIVs than Tables. Why SEO says that using div is better than table. After reading on various blogs and forums I have analyzed some good reasons for preferring DIVs than Tables. Below are the data which I have collected, I hope this will help you in knowing the benefits of div over tables.

  1. Div Loads faster than Tables
  2. Tables can be inflexible
  3. Accessibility issues are easier with DIV
  4. Tables don’t print as well
  5. Div is great for SEO – powerful to do content positioning. So basically you can place the bulk of your rich content closer to the top of your HTML code, but it will still render on the browser in the same place
  6. DIVs can reduce the size of page - Use of DIVs and CSS can allow you to reduce the size of your HTML significantly, depending on how nested your tables are. TABLE tags require, TR, TD, and some cases include, TH, THEAD, TBODY, TFOOT. This adds quite a few tags that can all be condensed into a few DIVs.

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  1. Ashwini said...

    Good Job Dear,

    Wish U All The Best,



  2. shambhu ray said...

    this is good blog for information of seo knowledge thanks

  3. Mohan Sharma said...

    hi this a better blog for seo search.

  4. Noel said...

    Its always easy to control your pages thru CSS.

  5. Rakesh Jha said...


    Your page is informative & you doing great job please keep it up. I have seo blog please give good or bad feedback.


  6. venkat said...

    you did a good job, keep it up boss............

    with regards

  7. Flames said...

    1. Div Loads faster than Tables

    False. Divs needs a tons of hacks to work properly in all today's browsers. You end up having tons javascript to load up different stylesheets to ensure your css is displaying correctly on every computers.

    If tables are coded in a good way, loading efficiency is the same. Anyway, check the "bandwidth" statistics of your sites, 50% is images, 25% is content and "coding" tags are 5% of your site. With today's connection gaining 100 bytes wont make much of a difference in 5% of the loading process of a website.

    2. Tables can be inflexible

    False. Give us proofs.

    3. Accessibility issues are easier with DIV

    Personnal opinion. I handle accessibility issues way quicker and better with tables. It's a programming choice and has no wieght in the "divs vs tables" war.

    4. Tables don’t print as well

    What? lol? Yes they do. Find me a table-made site which does not "print well" compared to divs.

    5. Div is great for SEO

    True, it's actually a very good point for divs. Placing text on top of the document is a nice + for CSS pages.

    But when everybody catch the trick and every site out there is using that "trick" to fools the search engines, it will probably be fixed, meaning SE will scan sites no matter where your content is in the document.

    Of course for now, it's still better for SEO.

    6. DIVs can reduce the size of page

    Very similar to the "loads faster" point (1). Reducing size is for better loading time, right?

    So still.. same deal, tags are 5% of the loading process. And having a table with three colums is less tags than 3 different styles sheets and complicated CSS positionning for a 3 column layout.

    I think the drama about Divs and Tables is purely subjective. A programming choice. But in both cases, it has to be done well. There is bad CSS and bad Tables layout out there. If done well in both cases they are equivalent.

    Webmasters, the choice is yours, dont be fooled by poor blogs and stubborn people's opinion.

  8. william said...

    Thanks for sharing this article I also like website with flash designing specially the intro part of the website is so attractive Add, add your website in

  9. Nicholas Neal said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
  10. Nicholas Neal said...

    I believe Google is working towards standards, which has been absent since the internet has existed. Based on that fact, table based layouts will become obsolete over css based layouts, imho. But this controversy is just like the stock market, no one knows what will happen. But think about the way the world is "going green". Css is more efficient, uses less bandwidth which equals less resources. I think css based layout is the way we are heading.

  11. jez007 said...

    Flames said "You end up having tons Javascript to load up different stylesheets...."

    Javascript!! Use a serverside scripting language, such as PHP. It's quicker and easier.


  12. bluemountain said...

    Hi Thank You very much i was spending a lots of time with tables, because i did not know the benefit of DIV over TABLES. From now onwards i will be using DIV.

    Thank You

  13. dprakash said...

    Flames said
    2. Tables can be inflexible
    False. Give us proofs.

    Hi, once u started to use div you will feel divs are more inflexible than table

  14. Marie said...

    I heard using tableless design is much better, SEO-wise.

  15. Ben said...

    not a bad post. I certainly enjoyed reading the comments on this issue as that this is debatable.

    I've developed with both methods and haven't been able to prove that one is better than the other when it comes to SEO. Here is my 2 cents on the major points

    I do see the fruits by using div tags compare to tables when it comes to sites that will need constant changes. This technique saves you time for most changes when avoiding to change all hard coded table styles.

    Load time:
    unless you use tables incorrectly (too many embeded tables...) or you use images for spacing, the load time is usually pretty close.

    I prefer Div tags for layout as they use less code in the source file, one style sheet is sufficient and again if changes are needed it's usually alot faster with div tags

    either way I find they print fine. Using div tags and a separate stylesheet gives me the control to only show logo title and content on prints which allows the user to save on ink.

    I think it's still better to use divs for SEO. I don't think that having your text higher in the page is a "trick" as it's really the way a document should be written. just look at it in it's simpler form

    <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" id="main"><tr><td><h1>insert content title here</h1></td></tr></table>

    compared to ...
    <div id="wrapper"><div class="title"><h1>Insert content title here</h1></div></div>

    It's not a big difference but it has less tags to drill down, until it reaches the content and it has less characters which means faster rendering.

    I agree with Flames that this is purely subjective, just thought I'd share my point of view

    Great post

  16. IV Displays said...

    I have been battling this debate and I am still confused. I used table to code my clients website and used Div for my web.
    I am finding table to more friendly in terms of working. Modification in Div has also been time consuming. Anyway I hope I will need to have more fair understanding till then I am fine with Tables

  17. leray said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
  18. leray said...

    don't you think most of your arguments are not related to seo?

    * Div Loads faster than Tables
    crawlers do not care!

    * Tables can be inflexible
    crawlers do not care too!

    * Accessibility issues are easier with DIV
    You really know what it means?

    *Tables don’t print as well
    Does crawlers print the page????

    *Div is great for SEO – powerful to do content positioning

    Really? it's much harder to understand where and how the container should be placed when you use float positioning. Tables have fixed structure that is easier for robots.

    *DIVs can reduce the size of page
    A few extra KBs are not a problem for crawlers.

    This post is about something you really don't understand.

    In addition, 113 Errors, 132 warning(s) in your blogs markup - that's the number 1 problem for crawlers and seo.

  19. Lia said...

    Thanks for sharing this with us. You're right DIV is great when it comes to SEO. But I don't think if tables is can be inflexible than DIV, this tips you collected can be useful and it can be helpful too.

    website development company

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