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Why Div is better than Table – SEO Tips

I was very keen to know the difference between the table and div as most of the webmaster’s preferred DIVs than Tables. Why SEO says that using div is better than table. After reading on various blogs and forums I have analyzed some good reasons for preferring DIVs than Tables. Below are the data which I have collected, I hope this will help you in knowing the benefits of div over tables.

  1. Div Loads faster than Tables
  2. Tables can be inflexible
  3. Accessibility issues are easier with DIV
  4. Tables don’t print as well
  5. Div is great for SEO – powerful to do content positioning. So basically you can place the bulk of your rich content closer to the top of your HTML code, but it will still render on the browser in the same place
  6. DIVs can reduce the size of page - Use of DIVs and CSS can allow you to reduce the size of your HTML significantly, depending on how nested your tables are. TABLE tags require, TR, TD, and some cases include, TH, THEAD, TBODY, TFOOT. This adds quite a few tags that can all be condensed into a few DIVs.

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